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Are you looking for a Bucher AX pump?

We are official Bucher Hydraulics distributors.



The AX series, designed to meet the most modern market needs, is available in various sizes with a range of displacements from 18cc to 122cc, and in different operating modes: single, double, or quadruple quadrant. Moreover, to meet specific requirements, AX series pumps can be combined in tandem.

As a system integrator with years of experience in the industry, Interfluid's highly specialized technicians can support you during the analysis phase and provide you with the best option in terms of performance, cost, and delivery times.

Main Features

  • Maximum pressure: 500 bar
  • Quiet operation
  • Low levels of vibration and pulsation
  • No minimum speed limit
  • High mechanical efficiency
  • Very high starting torque at 0 rpm, up to 99% of the rated value
  • Low heat generation
  • Compact design, high power density
  • Robust and long-lasting

Key Application Areas

  • Electric mobile machines
  • Earthmoving machinery
  • Construction equipment
  • Material handling machines
  • Forklifts
  • High-performance powertrains and power units
  • eh-PTO (electro-hydraulic power transmission)
  • Industrial applications with variable speed drives
  • Industrial presses or servo-assisted presses

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Our Services

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Official Bucher Hydraulics Distributors

Bucher Hydraulics has recognized our value by appointing us as their authorized distributors for the Italian market.


Large warehouse for immediate delivery

Interfluid has a wide stock of Bucher pumps in all sizes and configurations. Fast deliveries.

Specialisti da 40 anni

Specialists in hydraulics for 40 years

Since 1979, Interfluid has been supporting its customers in finding components and developing customized solutions.


Pre and post-sales support

Technical assistance and support in sizing and selecting the most suitable pump.


Comparison with other brands

Comparisons in terms of mechanical interchangeability and performance with models from competing brands.


Internal testing bench.

Internal test bench for analysis, testing, and assembly of pumps in compliance with Bucher's quality standards.